Cat Trees – Scratching Posts – Cat Toys

Cat Trees, Cat toys and Cat Beds made in Germany

The benefits of the cat scratch tree system at a glance:

  • High quality handicraft – Produced in Germany
  • Substantial solid wood posts – solid, stable, robust
  • The extra-thick 12 mm diameter sisal rope is extremely durable
  • Flexible extension and exchange of platforms and scratching posts
  • Customise – Wood finishes and fabric colours can be chosen freely
  • Easy-care – We offer washable velcro cushions for our cat trees
  • Cat Beds out of snuggle-cotton
  • Handmade Cat Toys Made in Germany
  • Natural Organic Cotton Cat Toys
  • Pure Wool Cat Toys

Floor-to-ceiling scratching posts– scratching trees tensioned from the ceiling

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Free-standing scratching trees

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Cat scratching trees - the right location!

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Profeline Cat scratching Trees are hand-produced by us !

Profeline Cat Trees are made for big and heavy Cats.
They are made from solid wood.
approx. 70 Scratching Posts.
Wood finishes and fabric colours, can be chosen freely.
Extension and exchange of platforms, as well as scratching posts is possible at any time.
Fast delivery to European countries.

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