Our cat tree 1-post system consists of a cathouse with an integrated sisal scratch post, on which you can build your individual cat tree. Many cats appreciate the cathouse as a place of piece and comfort and the higher levels offer ample space for relaxing.
Note: 1-post cat trees are available up to a total height of approx. 170 cm. For freestanding cat trees, it is particularly important that they are made of solid wood, feature a generous base and have a substantial inherent weight.
Your benefit: Our method of production is your guarantee for a topple and slip free cat tree that stands firmly – allowing lively or heavy cats to climb, play and sharpen their claws.
We supply the cathouse fully assembled – no self-assembly kit.

heavy and stable

The free-standing scratching posts of Profeline are made for big and heavy cats. With a house on the base the tree is very stable and secure.
For example Cat Tree Milan with our popular lying trough LM1 and a toy holder.
A lot of climbing length, comfortable loungers for watching and sleeping.
The cat houses and beds are made of high-quality and elastic birch plywood and then impregnated with oil wax. The wooden parts are rounded, the surfaces sanded.
The solid wood sisal posts have a total diameter of 12.5 cm. The rope is tightly wrapped around a trunk, additionally fixed with water-soluble glue and placed tear-proof in a groove. M10 steel connection screws and threaded sleeves ensure optimum stability.

Loungers covered with velor carpet, as showen in the picture. The carpet is due to its short dense floor particularly durable and easy-care.
Also available are cotton cat beds with a hook and loop bottom. Attached it with points on the wooden levels. They are machine washable and dryer suitable.

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