Scratching Trees from Ceiling Tensioner to Wall Scratching Posts

Our scratching posts are available in many different designs – so there is the right scratching post for every cat and place. All models offer your cat many opportunities for playing, relaxing, watching, climbing and extensive claw care. A dream for your cat. You can choose cat trees in different sizes, colours, materials and equipment – to suit your interior and the individual needs of your cat. Take your time to browse through our cat tree range and choose the ideal cat tree for your tiger tiger and your home. Treat your baby to this luxury of a beautiful modern cat scratching post.

Profeline scratching posts are not just any product, but part of our overall concept – so you can replace all components according to individual wear and individually expand your scratching post.

Profeline cat scratching posts are:

– The perfect climbing furniture and scratching furniture for your cat
– Designer cat trees – real furniture that integrates valuable and harmonious into your home.
– Our cat trees are carefully crafted with attention to detail
– high quality materials guarantee long scratch fun
– made by hand in Germany


Freestanding scratching posts with large base plate for a non-tilting stand.
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Our cat tree 1-Post system consists of a cathouse with an integrated sisal scratch post, on which you can build your individual cat tree.
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Our 2-post model series allows you to realise a great variety of freestanding cat tree designs.
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Ceiling height cat trees are extremely stylish cat trees of a light appearance that are tensioned between the floor and the ceiling.
More about Ceiling Cat Trees


Our wall support makes tall cat trees for great post climbing possible.
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Profeline wall mounted cat trees are a new generation of modern and innovative cat trees.
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Cat trees with washable cushions made of snuggle cotton
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Chose from the huge range or diverse lounger platforms, cathouses, sisal scratching posts and climbing ropes and create your dream cat tree.
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Cathouses and padded platforms are crafted from high quality and flexible birch plywood and impregnated with oil wax. The sisal poles are produced by solid wood.
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Every Profeline cat tree allows you to choose the wood finishes and cover colours freely.
Design your own cat tree from a choice of 4 wood finishes and 10 different covers to match your home.
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Very simple to install, because we supply the cathouse fully assembled – no self-assembly kit.
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Buy Cat Trees

In our Cat Shop you can expect exclusive scratching posts in many variants – cat tree ceiling high as well as wall scratching posts and free-standing cat scratching trees. From large to small, with hammock or cat house – with carpet covers in many colors from gray to beige or washable Velcro.
– All our cat trees are made of solid wood – pure nature and yet sturdy and stable – made for a cat’s life.
– Here you will find the modern Cat Tree, which fits perfectly with your interior design.
– And you can be sure that the needs of your cat in the planning and production of our cat trees in the foreground.

Here at Profeline we pursue a sustainable and value-oriented philosophy that hits the nerve of the times. We are not only concerned with function and design, but with us traditional craftsmanship and innovations for the needs of cats and cat owners in the foreground.
Each scratching post is modern and straightforward and radiates exclusive craftsmanship – so our scratching posts naturally fit into a contemporary living environment.
Our cat trees are not just simple consumer goods, but real furniture with high attractiveness.

Do not settle for yourself and your cat with less.
Best quality – a cat’s life long | Design that meets your requirements | Luxury for your cat

The cat tree is the most important piece of furniture for every cat owner
Even if you sometimes hardly notice our purring cuddly tigers, cats are little hunters. That’s why they love to sharpen their claws extensively and prepare them for the hunt – even if the biggest loot is the beloved play mouse. And so that Mieze does not even come up with the idea of ​​whetting her claws on valuable furniture, a sturdy, high-quality cat scratching post is an absolute must.

Our tip: Cats are most like where their humans are. Therefore, buy a cat scratching post that fits into your living space and place it in a central place in your home – so your cat will accept the cat tree immediately.
Why does the cat need a scratching post?
All cats have the scratching need in the cradle. Even with home cats that do not hunt or defend themselves, the instinct of scratching and marking is always present – they maintain their claws and mark their territory with scratch marks. Claw care and scratching is one of the innate instincts of every cat. All cats know instinctively from birth that they have to care for their claws – because sharp and well-kept cat claws have an important function in the life of a cat.
The claws are used in games, climbing, marking and defense. But please never try to stop your cat from scratching. Her cat only follows her innate instinct – the scratch drive is genetically anchored – and the scratching serves the health and mental balance – also stress reduction and skipping actions are often handled with scratching. For your own sake, you should therefore provide her with a scratching post in order to protect your furniture and walls.
The cat tree fulfills several needs of your cat: she can live her scratching needs on the sisal trunks, deal with climbing and games and has a quiet retreat for the observation of her roommates.
Ideally, the cat tree is:
– The perfect retreat
– Exciting playground where the cat can let off steam
– Attractive scratching opportunity – by scratching muscles are built and the cat remains fit
– The cat scratching post provides employment and no boredom or monotony
– With a cat tree, your cat has her own kingdom and can really let it go

Guaranteed, our assortment also provides the perfect scratching post for your cuddly tiger.

Every cat needs a scratching post!

Are you looking for a modern cat tree or a designer cat tree? The Cat Scratching Tree should meet your expectations of appearance and quality as well as the needs of your velvet paw according to species-appropriate design and functionality.
The Profeline team lovingly handcrafted contemporary cat scratching posts that set standards in quality, workmanship and design.

At Profeline we have created beautiful and unique scratching posts that will meet your individual needs for stylish living and the needs of your cat.