Cat Toys made of Natural Organic Cotton

A cat toy collection made from 100% organic cotton from certified organic farming (bkA).
A durable woven stripe fabric or a soft fluffy organic plush combined with dangling ribbons to pull and carry around in the subtle colors: nature and nude gray. The cat toys are filled with our beloved alluring fragrant catnip / valerian blend. In order to keep the scent safe and to make you smell irresistible even at home, all products are packaged in aroma-sealed packaging. In the manufacture of the substances is explicitly dispensed toxic and non-degradable pesticides. Made in Germany.
For organic cotton, sustainable production and processing is the top priority. The priority here is that no chemicals are used to avoid altering the tough and durable fiber of the fabric.
Organic or even organic cotton with the GOTS seal, is cotton from controlled organic cultivation (kbA) – the cotton of our cat toys is certified and excludes genetically modified seeds in general. The benefits for the user are mainly in the use of natural fertilizers. In the production of organic cotton, care is taken to ensure that no toxic or non-biodegradable pesticides and fertilizers are used. The textiles are thus completely free of pollutants, whereby skin irritations caused by allergies or overreactions can be avoided. KbA cotton is much softer and more breathable than conventional cotton.
Touching and feeling our high-quality fabrics would be an experience, we hope our meaningful images can replace the experience and visually convince. We are absolutely sure that if you hold the finished cat toy in your hands, you will be amazed by the cat product.

with Catnip and Valerian Mixture

We tell you what’s inside. At Profeline you get all the information about your purchased product, including what’s inside, because we know our homemade cat products inside and out: From fabric to filling made of high quality silicone fibers and the most important of all ingredients of the catnip / valerian mixture. Our hand-picked long-standing suppliers have been convincing us for many years by quality and reliability.
Last but not least, the dangling tapes on our cat toy should not be forgotten – these encourage you to pull and catch.


Look for our Brand

You can recognize our Cat Toys in many small details. Look out for our distinctive label in raspberry red – you can find it in high-quality cat boutiques or zoo stores. Our organic cotton cat toys are always provided with a “Pure Natural Cotton” sticker and finally, all the toys in this ranges have printed bands with our logo.
Our Cat Toys are packaged in a flavor-sealed package – for a long-lasting odor of catnip and valerian. As her cat wishes.Bio Katzenspielzeug direkt im Profeline KatzenShop online kaufen

Handmade Cat Toys