Katzen Kletterwand


With our huge selection of wall-loungers, catwalks, scratch mats and scratch and climbing posts, you can
design entire cat wall for your darling. Let your imagination run wild and create a fun adventure playground
for your cat.
Please note the following for a cat friendly layout:
• Long climbing posts for extensive climbing and claw sharpening.
• High-level platforms for observing and relaxing.
• Long cat walks for walking about at lofty heights.
• Stairs or platforms for a safe ascent or descent.
• Scratching mats for claw care and for walls already “chosen” by your cat.
Or treat your loved one to a window sill lounger, the perfect place for watching the world go by and relax
in the sun.


Custom climbing wall according to your wishes and the needs of your cat with a large selection of Wall Loungers!
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Climbing posts and scratching posts for extensive climbing and claw sharpening.
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With our wall-loungers you can create new favorite places for your cat.
Große Auswahl an Wandliegen und Wandmöbel für einen Kletterpark


Scratching mats, scraping carpet and wall Sisal climbing carpet for walls and floors where your cat can actively move.
Mehr Informationen zu Sisalmatten


Design with our Catwalks a fun and adventure playground for your cat.
Beispiele von Catwalks in Wohnungen

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Cat furniture or scratching furniture is indispensable for every cat lover, so that your cat feels comfortable in their home. With our sophisticated animal furniture we prove impressively that furniture for cats can be modern and meet your requirements for tasteful living as well as the requirements of your cat for attractive cat furniture.
You are looking for exclusive furniture that appeals to the senses of cat and man – here you will not be disappointed!
We present you design-strong cat furniture and beautiful scratching furniture, which not only look just great and perfectly integrate into your home, but also optimally meet the needs of your cat.
Since 2003, our brand Profeline® has stood for contemporary cat furniture that sets standards in terms of form and quality and can be adapted to the individual living situation.

Does your cat scratch your furniture, wallpaper, carpet or sofa?
Cat furniture is therefore no luxury – with climbing trunks, scraping furniture or a scratching board, a scratching post and a scratching mat, you can offer your tiger tiger an interesting and cat-friendly alternative.
Profeline scratching furniture, stylish cat furniture and color-matching scratching mats not only fit into your home tastefully – thanks to their high attractiveness for cats, they offer the advantage that furniture, carpets and curtains are spared from cat claws.

Scratching is not learned by cats, but rather is based on innate instincts.
The most common reasons that cause cats to scratch are:
– Marking – Scratch marks the area is staked
– Wellbeing and relaxation – easy stretching and scratching cat is obviously good
– Claw Care – Pointed and sharpened claws are ready for hunting
– Stress management – just let off steam
You do not see a behavioral pattern calling for the instinct of scratching, but different emotions are the trigger for the scratching according to the situation.
This also illustrates why a single scratch opportunity in a cat-friendly apartment can not be enough.

Each of the listed instincts and emotions that cause cats to scratch can take place at different times and places. The daily routine of cats is mostly ritualized – cats are just as much “habit animals”.
So each cat has a fixed feeding place, different sleeping places and preferred times of the activity and play times.
Every place and every time in the tightly-knit daily routine is bound up with solid rituals – and these rituals also include scratching
Therefore, offer your cat as many attractive scratching opportunities as possible – so furniture, carpets and wallpaper are spared.
Scratching furniture, scraping mats and the scratching board have been successfully used in many cat households.

The top priority in developing our cat furniture is the practical benefit for cats combined with a high esthetic value for you as a cat owner. The most unused space on walls you can use our animal furniture to create the ideal habitat for your cat – ideal for smaller living rooms to give your baby tiger more room for activity – so your velvet paw guaranteed no boredom.
The special feature of Profeline cat furniture:
* made by hand from real wood
* Made in Germany
* High quality materials – Best quality – for a cat’s life long
* designed for small and large cats

Profeline offers a variety of modern scratch and climbing trunks, scratch mats, catwalks and cat couches. Each product line has its own special feature that you can discover here.

Since the company was founded in 2003, we at Profeline have developed an unprecedented variety of unique cat furniture. Tradition of craftsmanship and innovations for the needs of cats and cat owners are our priority. Profeline cat furniture is not just a product, but real furniture with high attractiveness and part of our overall concept – they are modern and straightforward and radiate exclusive craftsmanship. Profeline pursues a value-oriented approach that hits the nerve of the times.

Profeline Manufaktur stands for sophisticated cat furniture that sets standards in quality, workmanship and design. Do not settle for yourself and your cat with less.

So that your cat feels comfortable in their home, we offer you a selected assortment of cat furniture of renowned brand manufacturers, which not only convince by their quality and beautiful design, but also optimally fulfill their purpose.
These well-thought-out products impressively prove how cat furniture can be different in the best sense of the word.