Cat Beds, Pillows and washable Cushions for Scratching Posts

Cat Beds are a must have for every cat owner – and a Profeline cat bed is the perfect place to curl up in.
Be sure your cat might never want to get up again!

It is important to them that a cat bed is cuddly soft and made of ecological materials. With us you can be sure that all our cat beds are made from natural raw materials lovingly by hand.
Profeline Snuggle – Cotton is optimally adapted to the needs of cats by the woven back and the 8 mm long open fibers. The fabric balances the temperature and due to the high cotton content there is no static charge. Here you can pedal and cuddle. We at Profeline are committed to sustainable and environmentally friendly production in Germany – so that your cat feels comfortable!

You will find square and round cat beds, with extra high edge – or cat cushions for the windowsill and beds with hook and loop button, which you can slip on any favorite spot of your cat and on any Profeline cat tree.

Profeline cat beds – make dreams come true!

Your cat will be grateful for the cozy sleeping place and retreat and will retreat there satisfied with purring.

At us you will find an exclusive selection of high quality sleeping places for cats. Take a look into the category of scratching and climbing furniture during your visit – because a scratching post is not only scratching furniture for daily claw care, but also offers cuddly cat beds and hammocks that invite you to relax. From the cat tree levels, your cat also has a great view.

Browse through our wide range of cat beds, beds and pillows, scratch and climbing furniture, cat toys and many other items for your cat.

At Profeline, you’ll find everything your cuddly tiger needs to feel comfortable – because we love cats and live that passion every day.

Cat Beds made of Cotton

Our high quality products are available in the following material mixes:
50% Cotton 50% Polyester: All items in Natural colour
100% Cotton: all coloured items
Washable 30-60°C dryer suitable
Made in Germany
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Cat Beds for Cat Trees

Our cotton cat beds and cushions with a hook and loop base for optimal attachment to scratching posts or your cat’s favorite spot.
The top is made from our popular cuddly cotton. This fabric is temperature compensating and due to the high cotton content there is no static charge. Here you can tremble and be cuddled. These beds can be attached to any place with strong hook and loop hook points – and are easy to remove for washing.

Our Profeline beds are woven and produced in Germany. They are exclusively available only from us.
Samples for Cat Beds on a Cat Tree

Cat Cushions and Inserts

With a cuddly Profeline cat pillow you can make the favorite spot of your cat even more comfortable. Whether on a windowsill or on the wardrobe our popular washable cotton pillows in different sizes offer your cat a fluffy sleeping space.
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Cat Beds for big Cats

From our popular cuddly cotton fabric we also produce cat beds for big cats like Main Coon, Norwegian or Britsich shorthair. Naturally also suitable for a cat family. They are washable and dryer suitable.
Our range of big Cat Beds

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Tip and Trick

Especially after the purchase of a new sleeping place, it is possible that cats are not immediately enthusiastic and ignore the cat bed for the first time.
Cats sometimes need some time to get used to changes. In this case, you can make the cat bed for your velvet paw more attractive.
With exciting cat toys, cat snacks or a valerian or CatNip toy, Mieze will quickly become excited about her new place to sleep.

Where is the best place for a cat bed?

Basically, most cats have their favorite places, which often vary by time – in one of these favorite places is the right place for the cat bed.
Tip: Our cat beds with Velcro floor can be attached to almost every scratching post with the enclosed velcro points.
Other important aspects in choosing the right location are that the cat bed is not mixed with other areas of the cat’s life. Feeding point or toilet should not stand next to the sleeping place. Even direct sunlight, humidity and drafts are shunned by most cats.
Ideally, the cat bed is in a place where your cat can see all over the room. Cats also need privacy to relax. Therefore, the chosen place should not be too animated when Kitty retreats into her own kingdom.
Does your cat have her own head? As so often, our Sampfpfoten determine even when resting and sleeping.
If you have cat pillows or cat beds available in several places, you will be especially pleased with your baby tiger. According to individual preferences and whim, your cat can choose between a quiet retreat or a place to sleep, which gives her a certain overview.

The design of the sleeping space is not necessarily crucial for cats – it is important to them that the cat bed is cuddly soft and made of ecological materials.
With us you can be sure that all our cat beds made of natural raw materials are lovingly made by hand.
At Profeline, we are convinced that we are producing sustainably and environmentally friendly in Germany.

Your cat will be delighted with the species-appropriate form and quality of the materials – and you, as a cat owner, can look forward to a modern design cat bed that fits in nicely with your living space and home ambience.
Profeline deluxe cat beds are simply beautiful and stylish and will be an eye-catcher in your apartment.

The right cat bed is beside scratching post and toy with the most important “possession” of a cat.
Cats spend most of the day resting and sleeping. That’s why it is so important to find a cozy and species-appropriate sleeping place for your Stubentiger, where he can feel comfortable and recover. In a cuddly cat bed made of natural materials, your velvet paws feel safe and secure.