Cat trees with washable velcro cushions

Our soft padded velcro cushions attach to the velcro points on the wooden platform and can easily be removed for washing. The filling of the cushions is fluffy and soft and stays in shape even with regular washing and tumble-drying. Your cat will enjoy ultimate comfort with our Profeline cushions made from snuggle-cotton.
Note: All Profeline cat trees are available with washable velcro cushions.
Tip: A cat tree simply cannot be more carefree.
Product and care instructions:
Profeline snuggle-cotton, with its woven back and the 8 mm open fibres, is brilliantly aligned with your cat’s requirements. The fabric regulates the temperature and the high cotton content prevents any static charge. Perfect for treading and cuddling in. The little beds are super soft thanks to their hollow fibre silicone filling, they stand up to regular washing and tumble drying.
Quality 50% cotton 50% polyester
Washable 60°C
Tumble drying

Note: Each of our Cat Trees is available in both carpet and cushions with washable Velcro. The cover of the step TS1 always consists of velor carpet.
The Module LE1, LE2, LE4 and BP2 receive Velcro cushion rectangular Item 1011 NA.
The Module AE1, LR1, KH4 receive Velcro cushion round Item Art. 1010 NA.
Modulen AE2 und LR2 you receive a washable Cat Bed with edge Item 1012 NA.

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