With wall hammocks, wall-mounted beds, catwalks, scratching mates, and scratching and climbing posts, you can give your cat a real adventure playground. Design the climbing wall/scratching wall individually to suit your cat’s needs.

– scratching and climbing posts – important for climbing and scratching
– raised beds for your cats to observe from and relax on
– wall hammocks and wall-mounted hollows – popular sleeping spots!
– long catwalks – a feeling of freedom!
– steps and climbing steps make it safe to get up and down
– scratching mats for your cat to look after their claws

A Climbing Wall in Grey

With our modular system, you can individually design a climbing wall in different colours.

– Scratching trunks and climbing bridges – important for climbing and scratching in white.
– Elevated lounging levels are for watching and relaxing in grey.
– Wall hammock and wall trough – a hotbed for sleeping are washable.
– Steps and climbing steps serve a safe ascent and descent.
– Wall climbing carpet for active, climbing cats – all Made in Germany

Create a Cat Room

That your cat feels comfortable in her home, we offer a selected assortment of scratching posts and cat furniture, which not only convince by their quality and beautiful design, but also optimally fulfill their needs.

Does a cat need an extra cat room?
Your cat certainly does not need her own room – but maybe you have a wall or corner in the apartment free that can make you cat friendly. A cat room with a climbing wall, catwalks, steps and of course high lying lying levels make the cat’s heart beat faster.

Cat Climbing Steps

Create a cat climbing Wall with steps in a small room. Combine it with a catwalk, a deck level and a catwalk to possibly climb onto a tall cabinet, make the cat’s heart beat faster. From our own many years of cat ownership and the experience reports of our “cat clients”, we can give you one or the other tip – how to set up a cat wall interesting and exciting.

3 things should never be missed in a cat-friendly apartment:

1. Scratching possibilities and climbing possibilities
2. various beds
3. cat toy

Sample of a climbing Wall

A climbing wall with steps and washable cat beds. Scratching mats and climbing posts made of sisal for big cats.

Make it interessting for your cat with catwalks and loungers in different highs and your wall will getting more successful.
In advance – please be patient. Your cat will gradually discover a new wall of cats and go to different places according to mood and mood.


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