Climbing wall for cats

A climbing wall gives your cat a three-dimensional cat world: climbing, scratching, discovering, observing and resting.
A large home is not a guarantee that your cat will be happy and feel comfortable. Using the “third dimension” of your walls can give your cat a range of options for climbing, scratching and moving – so it definitely won’t get bored!

A cat climbing wall is perfect for every home.

kletterwand-kratzwand-katzenA “cat wall” can even be fitted in small rooms, and you can be sure that it provides the space your cats need for a suitable home. Climbing, scratching and playing don’t just keep your cats fit – they also have a positive effect on your cat’s mind.

Do you have a modern home, and want to give your cats a scratching and climbing wall, without compromising on design or the quality of the cat furniture?
Profeline cat furniture enables you to build your own individualised climbing wall exactly as you (and your cats) want it.

In the example here we have developed a climbing wall for you to use as inspiration – you can alter it and expand it as you like. Depending on your home, taste, interior design and your cat’s preferences, you can combine the components of the climbing wall from Profeline cat furniture.

From experience, we have placed the individual components far enough apart so that cats can easily and securely jump from one step to the next, and reach levels for lying on. The wall is 200 cm wide, and 245 cm tall. The first climbing step is 40 cm high, approximately. The distance between the individual climbing steps, steps, and lying areas is approximately 45 cm, measured diagonally to the next component. The two highest lying spaces are approximately 170 cm high.
Larger distances can be used for sporty, fit cats – but for more relaxed, or older cats, we recommend the distances above.

This video shows our cats Maja (British Shorthair) and Boris (Devon Rex) enjoying the climbing wall.

In our cat shop you can find a wide selection of lying spaces, walking areas, wall hammocks, climbing steps, and posts for scratching and climbing. All our cat furniture is handmade from solid wood. You can choose between various wood colours, covering colours, and washable climbing cushions from our snuggle cotton.

kletterstufe-katzenExamples of our designer cat furniture:

Wall Mounted with Hammock – for cats who prefer a comfortable place to sleep

Climbing steps and steps – for safe ascents and descents

Wall-mounted lying spaces – for relaxing on and watching from

Posts for scratching and climbing – for cats to use for their daily claw grooming.

Does your kitty want even more variety?
Profeline cat furniture offers your cat a world of adventure that can be expanded and combined with other things in a variety of ways