Methods of Payment


Cash in Advance

We ship your order as soon as the payment shows up in our account.
The delivery time is stated on each item. We conclude your order in one delivery.
Just pay cash in advance via bank transfer, it is easy.
You will receive the bank details via email after your order has gone in. If you transfer the billing amount online, the money usually shows up in our account 24 hours later.

Bank details

Profeline Volker Schlecht

IBAN: DE64 6009 0100 0224 1080 26


Pay by PayPal – safe, simple, and quick.

■ Safe: Your bank and credit card data are only deposited at PayPal.
■ Simple: You pay by two clicks.
■ Quick: PayPal payments arrive quickly and we can initiate the dispatch soon.

SOFORT Banking

Shopping at profeline is easy and safe when you choose to pay by SOFORT Banking using your online account details.
This innovative online payment method transfers the money from your online bank account using a secure payment form by the Payment Network AG. This online banking form generates the reference and payment amount automatically and in real time. The money is transferred directly into our account after the information has been checked and confirmed.
Paying by SOFORT Banking is this easy. You need an online-capable account and your account details, your PIN (personal identification number) and a valid TAN (transaction number).
Then this is the fast and uncomplicated way to pay by SOFORT Banking:

■1 Transfer Form – Be connected to your bank by entering your sortcode.
■2 Legitimation – Register by entering your login.
■3 Transfer Money – Check the already entered information (reference, transfer amount) and enter a valid TAN first and then click on „confirm transaction and complete order“ to send off you order.

More informations about SOFORT Banking:

Credit Card

Mastercard and Visa Card

Shopping with your credit card is convenient and uncomplicated at Profeline.
You do not have to worry about settling your bills after placing an order.
Just pay by Visa or Mastercard.
We will charge your credit card until you placed your order.
Profeline guarantees safe shopping: we protect your online transactions in any way we can.
Any personal information you submit, i.e. your order, your name, your address and your credit card details, are encoded.
Profeline uses one of the safest methods for e-commerce, the “Secure Socket Layer” (SSL) transmission with 256 bit encryption.