The Profeline Cat Toys collection offers a wide range of beautiful cat toys – produced from conviction sustainable in Germany and made with great care from natural materials. All products are made with great attention to detail. Cat toys made of natural materials such as feathers, leather, wood, pure organic cotton and real fur animate the hunting instinct and guarantee pure game enjoyment.

Extraordinary, special and exclusive cat toy for your velvet paw.
Each cat is unique – you will find quality toys for every cat type – big, small, young and older cats have different needs for the best cat toy for them.


Made in Germany stands for cat toys made of our heavy-duty cotton fabric with open fibers – no loop in which claws can catch. Ideal for scratching and kicking. Filled with our popular organic catnip / valerian blend in a sealed flavor pack.

Seductive catnip and valerian-scented cat toys are ideal for self-playing. Your cat can cuddle and rattle to your heart’s content. Make the test our proven organic herbal mixture will certainly delight your cat. At Profeline you can be sure that you are buying species-appropriate cat toys – sturdy and stable. Natural shapes and subtle colors are a reflection of nature and so the cat-fair design also pleases the human eye.


Our Natural Organic Cotton collection of durable cotton fabrics with ribbons to pull and carry around – filled with silicon fiber and our alluring catnip / valerian blend. 100% organic cotton, made in Germany – flavor-sealed.

the cat owner is responsible for the daily games as a substitute for hunting in nature. Almost all of our cats’ gameplay is genetically anchored and based mainly on their hunting instincts. So it is not surprising that cats like to play in old age, it may indeed be a little less exuberant in the elderly – but the game itself is still part of the daily program. Playing also means a mental challenge, who plays daily with his cat keeps her physically and mentally fit!


Amazing Feathers are attachments of natural feathers in many unusual shapes.We offer various pendants they make the common game for cat and human an experience.

Our tip: cats love variety! Those who share their lives with Purrs they regularly need new cat toys to keep them well and meaningful. As it is with children, cats often lose interest in familiar toys and barely notice them.
Therefore, remove cat toys from time to time and provide your cat with new toys – if you bring the “old” toy back again after some time, the interest is sure to grow big again – so the cat toys are always rediscovered and stay exciting for a long time.
Basically, a cat can never have enough toys.


Natural Fur Fun – are real skins made in a traditional tannery in Germany. The hunt for the natural fur toy delights every cat. Also available as a cat fishing trailer – The hunt can start with skins that you can trust.
Playing has to be learned, preferably from an early age and at fixed times. You will find that your cat will remind you to murmur the game so that you will not forget this “appointment”.
So cats and cat owners benefit in many ways by playing together.

Pet cats spend their lives in the house, and therefore need variety and fixed game units. Lazy baby tigers often suffer from weight problems – and the cardiovascular system is often not trained.


Pure Wool are cat toys made of 100% wool handmade felted in trendy black and white design. From rattling balls to extraordinary cat fishing with a hand loop, there is something for every cat type. Natural wool for pure play fun.

Our cats are quite demanding in choosing the best cat toy for them. They do not want to play with the same cat toy every day and every cat has their own preferences. So it is not surprising that each cat reacts to other, one likes feathers, the other cords, the next one stands on toys with catnip. Every cat is unique and we as cat owners have the task of finding out what our dear kitten likes.

Just like humans, cats can be bored, stressed or sad. The regular game is a great way to stop depression and boredom. In addition, regular play hours in affected cats can reduce aggressiveness and behavioral problems. Therefore, buy a cat scratching post that fits into your living space and place it in a central place in your home – so your cat will accept the cat tree immediately.
Why does the cat need a scratching post?
All cats have the scratching need in the cradle. Even with home cats that do not hunt or defend themselves, the instinct of scratching and marking is always present – they maintain their claws and mark their territory with scratch marks. Claw care and scratching is one of the innate instincts of every cat. All cats know instinctively from birth that they have to care for their claws – because sharp and well-kept cat claws have an important function in the life of a cat.
The claws are used in games, climbing, marking and defense. But please never try to stop your cat from scratching.

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Impressionen to Handmade Cat Toys

Katzenspielzeug ist ein unbedingtes “Must have” für jeden Katzenhalter – und hierbei spielt es keine Rolle ob es sich um einen „Freigänger“ oder eine reine Wohnungskatze handelt. Katzenspielsachen bringen Abwechslung und Unterhaltung in das Leben Ihrer Katze – das Spielen hält Katzen jeden Alters körperlich fit und schärft die Sinne.

Das gemeinsame Spiel stärkt die emotionale Bindung zwischen Katze und Mensch. Sie werden sehen, wenn Sie mit Ihrer Katze Zeit verbringen und mit ihr spielen wird das Vertrauen und die Bindung noch stärker. Das gemeinsame Spiel reduziert darüber hinaus auch Anzeichen von Stress & Anspannung bei Menschen, so profitiert auch der Mensch von der gemeinsam verbrachten Zeit.

Versuchen Sie die täglich Zeit zum Spielen mit Ihrer Katze einzurichten – denn Katzen lieben Rituale. So sorgen Sie nicht nur für eine feste emotionale Bindung zwischen Ihnen und Ihrer Samtpfote, sondern Mieze bleibt zusätzlich körperlich und geistig fit – und fühlt sich so rundum wohl.
Unsere große Auswahl von artgerechtem Katzenspielzeug sorgt dafür, dass es niemals langweilig wird. Stöbern Sie durch unser umfangreiches Produktangebot von für Katz und Mensch faszinierendem Katzenspielzeug – garantiert ist das richtige Spielzeug für Ihren Liebling mit dabei. Bei Profeline werden Katzenträume wahr!