Cat Trees PURE Style

The Profeline PURE Style cat tree line stands for a new generation of cat trees – they impress with elegance and understatement.
White coated birch multiplex wood convinces with its discreet and modern look. The clear language of form, design, materials and quality not only make cat hearts beat faster.

The PURE Style collection is the second Profeline generation of cat trees – they are handcrafted in Germany from solid wood, they are cat-friendly, stable, durable and can be placed like a high-quality solitaire furniture decoratively in the living environment.

An exclusive scratching tree constructed from high-quality materials that enhances your living space with its design and fulfils all the wishes of your cat – your cat can play, jump and scratch the posts to its heart’s content.

The sisal covering in woven look made of robust and high-quality sisal carpet not only looks good, but also offers cats an ideal base for scratching due to its ribbed sisal structure.
The easy-care lounger levels made of white-coated birch plywood are easily and quickly freed from dust or hair with a damp cloth.
Configure your desired scratching tree according to your ideas: with sisal carpet in noble anthracite – grey or cream or with our traditionally rope-wrapped sisal posts. For the lounger level, you have the choice between a sisal carpet overlay, cat pillow or the cuddly cat bed Hollow with high edge.

Functionality in simple elegance

The loungers of our Profeline scratching trees can be rotated through 360° and can thus be individually aligned according to the location.
On the large lounger there is plenty of room for small and large cats – and the comfortable hammock invites your cat to relax.
The heavy base plate made of birch multiplex wood can optionally be equipped with a sisal scratch surface at an extra charge. Cats who like to scratch on horizontal surfaces will appreciate the additional scratching surface.

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The birch multiplex wood with decorative wooden edge and hard-wearing melamine coating is an indispensable part of modern furniture construction. The melamine coating gives the stable and high-quality birch multiplex wood an additional liquid- and dirt-repellent surface that is advantageous for cat furniture. The extremely resistant, hard and abrasion-resistant melamine surface is often used for designer office furniture and, due to its easy-care properties, also for products for the food industry. In combination with birch multiplex wood, it offers an ideal combination for our cat furniture.