Amazing Feathers attachments for Cat Wands

Feathers are usually the most popular toy for cats. With our feather – replacements for cat fishing poles you can offer your cat fun and variety – a cat toy with which guarantees no boredom.
Our Amazing Feather collection offers a wide range of different feather attachments. The refills have a loop and are suitable for all cat fishing poles with snap hooks. Profeline replacements are different – they are bigger and more special. Our range of more than 20 different sizes, shapes and different feathers makes it difficult to deside, but we are sure you ca find the right one for you cat.

Cat toy with feathers are probably the most popular hunting game for a cat. Let us convince you of our selection. From a single long pheasant feather with small wreath feathers, the wide variety of butterflies that each cat animate to catch – or even small bundles of guinea fowl feather, which encourage catching and hunting.


Amazing Feathers attachments make the common game for cat and humen to an experience.

Our tip: cats love variety! As it is with children, cats often lose their interest to his familiar toys and barely notice them.
Therefore, keep your cat toy away from time to time and offer your cat new toys – if you bring back the “old” toy again after some time the interest is guaranteed again.
Basically, a cat can never have enough toys.


Impressionen to AMAZING FEATHERS

Cat toys are a must-have for every cat owner – and it does not matter if it’s a free-range cat or a pure cat. Cat plaything brings variety and entertainment to your cat’s life – playing keeps physically fit cats of all ages and sharpens the senses.

The joint game strengthens the emotional bond between cat and human. You will see that when you spend time with your cat and play with her, the confidence and the bond will be even stronger. In addition, the common game also reduces signs of stress and tension in people, so also benefits the person from the time spent together.

Try to set up the daily time to play with your cat – because cats love rituals. So you not only ensure a strong emotional bond between you and your velvet paw, but Kitty also remains physically and mentally fit – and feels so completely well.
Our large selection of species-appropriate cat toys ensures that it never gets boring. Browse through our extensive range of products for cat and man fascinating cat toy – guaranteed the right toy for your darling is there. Cat dreams come true at Profeline!