Profeline Cat Toys Made in Germany – handcrafted in Germany.

Artificial cat toy by Profeline means highest quality. Our cat toy is made from a special cotton blended fabric with an open fiber – no sling. It is ideal for scuffing and kicking, since no claws can get caught in the sturdy fabric. The cat toy is filled with our popular organic catnip / valerian mixture. All items are hygienically airtight packed – for fresh and long-lasting fragrance. Our cat toys are filled with a silicone fiber. We intentionally do without organic filling material (such as spelled), as these form a breeding ground for germs, mold and mites – and also EPS beads (polystyrene beads) are basically not used in our opinion since the possible consumption is questionable and risk-laden is. Of course, we do not use glue or metal or plastic parts in the production of our high-quality CatNip and Valerian Cats – soft toys.

Cat Toys big and sturdy

The Cat Toy Buddy is an extra large catnip / valerian cat toy – handcrafted under our own brand Profeline in Germany.

Affectionately embroidered and filled with a mixture of French CatNip (catnip) and valerian in pharmacy-quality fragrance.
Due to our high quality and fluffy woven Profeline cuddly cotton, which we also use for our cat beds and hammocks, cat toy Buddy is very soft and very robust.
The seductive scent of CatNip and valerian will lure her cat and she will hug and clasp the new buddy tightly.
With its ideal size and shape Buddy will delight your cat – the start of a loving relationship.

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