Cats Scratching mats and corner scratching mats

Our scratch carpets for cats are made of sisal. The scratching mat can either be laid flat on the floor or attached flat to the wall or door as a scratch protection. The corner scratch mats are attached to room corners and offer your cat pure scratching pleasure. If pussy has already “sinned” at a room corner you can cover the damaged place with our corner scratching mats. Due to the inside reinforced 90 degree angle it fits perfectly around every corner.
Sisal is a natural product that stimulates cats to scratch due to its structure. Our scratching mats are either reinforced with a latex backing or have a high-quality felt backing. They are therefore particularly stable, durable and non-slip. The edges of the cat carpets are neatly chain-linked so that nothing can fray. Sisal is a natural product with valuable properties: antistatic, climate regulating, extremely robust and dirt-repellent.

The highlights of the Profeline cat scratching mats at a glance:
Variety: Combined with Profeline climbing cat furniture, scratching mats offer a lot of variety for active cats.
Robust: Sisal magically attracts cats and enables natural claw care for cats.
Stylish: our scratch mats in grey and cream are a visual eye-catcher in every apartment.
Non-slip: Latex backs or adhesive tapes allow safe walking on the cat mat. Suitable for underfloor heating
Cat-friendly: Sisal is a natural hard fibre with robust properties. Sisal animates cats to scratch due to its surface and structure.
Pure nature: The cat carpet consists of sisal – a natural product – it is free of harmful substances and suitable for allergy sufferers.
High-quality: The gap-free covering of the cat mats underlines the high-quality appearance – so the cat carpet fits harmoniously into your apartment.


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Tip: With an extra long climbing carpet for the wall you offer your cat new unexpected possibilities.
Combined with one of our wall furniture for cats you create with a tapestry an adventure playground for your house tiger – a real climbing park for cats.
Especially practical are our flexible scratch mats for cats. They can be placed anywhere in the apartment or fixed to the wall.
The sisal scratch carpet for cats with a length of 60 cm is extremely multifunctional – it is equally suitable for walls, window sills or can serve as a scratch possibility on cupboards, chests of drawers and as a non-slip cover for catwalks.
The scratch mats can also be used as a scratching opportunity for homemade cat furniture.

The sharpening of the claws lies in the nature of our cats. Special house cats without outdoor exercise often have a problem here and then sin themselves against furniture or wallpaper. In order to prevent your cat from scratching wallpaper or furniture, it is essential to offer your cat appropriate cat-friendly scratching opportunities. Scratching mats do not replace a scratching tree – but after fur care or an extended nap cats lengthen and stretch themselves extensively and often look around nearby for a suitable scratching surface. Here scratch mats offer the ideal cat-friendly alternative to your furniture, wallpaper and curtains.
Sisal helps the cat to remove the scaly upper layer of the claws. This prevents the cat’s claws from growing in. Scratching relaxes and reduces stress – offer your cat therefore several scratching possibilities so that your cat remains healthy and balanced. A robust sisal scratch mat is perfect for this – the natural material really withstands a lot and offers your cat enough resistance to sharpen the claws strongly.
In our extensive range you will find many different scratch mats for your cat. We guarantee you will find the right sisal cat carpet for your home.