Cat Beds for Cat Trees

Our cat beds for Cat Trees are cushions with hook and loop botton. They are suitable for scratching posts with wooden loungers.
The top of the Bed is made from our popular cosy cotton. This fabric is temperature compensating and due to the high cotton content there is no static charge. Therefore your cat can tremble and be cuddled. These washable beds can be attached to any place with strong hook and loop hook points – and can be easely removed for washing.

Durable, easy to clean and washable

Our cat beds for scratching posts are made of a snuggle cotton with an open fibers – no sling that can trap claws. The floor is made of a hook and loop fabric, with which the cat beds can be placed and removed by hook and loop points on the levels. The filling is made of silicone hollow fibers. These flakes are heavy duty, and durable. The material is boil-proof and does not clump even with frequent washing. They are hypoallergenic, air permeable and easy to care for and even suitable for tumble dryers – a cat bed can not be more robust and easy to care for!

All cat tree cat beds are washable up to 60 ° C and suitable for tumble drying.

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