Wall Mounted Cat Trees

rofeline wall mounted cat trees are a new generation of modern and innovative cat trees. The suspended installation on the wall gives these cat trees a particularly aesthetic appearance. Despite only taking up a minimal amount of space, they have everything your cat’s heart desires. Suspended wall mounted cat trees leave a space underneath the cat tree – which can be used for other things – and it makes a huge difference to your cleaning efforts.
Profeline wall mounted cat trees combine design and a well-thought out cat friendly layout.
Note: The wall intended for the installation must be sufficiently stable to stand up to the weight of the cat tree. Hollow walls are not suitable.
Please note that any cat trees assembled from our modules, an intermediate plate, or any desired platform, must be placed between the wall brackets and the sisal scratch post.

elegant and modern

Whether it should be a small wall mounted cat tree or a whole scratching tree landscape with our range of different loungers, every cat dream can be realized.

Look at a Video with a big Wall Mounted Cat Tree

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