Cat Beds made of Snuggle Cotton

A soft, cosy cotton fabric with a rugged woven backside and 8 mm open fibers, designed to keep your cat well-being. The fabric is temperature compensating and due to the high cotton content, there is no static charge. All Profeline Cat Beds are washable up to 60 ° C. They are filled with a silicone hollow fiber, these are extra elastic, super soft and can withstand many washes and dryer aisles. This special fabric as well as the cat beds are produced for us in Germany.

Qualität Made in Germany

Cat beds Made in Germany stands for a robust fabric made of cotton blended fabric with an open fibers – no loop, in which claws can catch. Ideal for begging and cuddling. For a filling of silicone hollow fibers, with which also pillows are filled. These flakes are heavy duty, and durable. The material is boil-proof and does not clump even with frequent washing. They are hypoallergenic, air permeable and easy to care for and even suitable for tumble dryers – a cat bed can not be more robust and easy to care for!

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