Chose from the huge range or diverse lounger platforms, cathouses, sisal scratching posts and climbing ropes and create your dream cat tree.
Let your imagination run wild and design your own cat tree in line with your ideas and your cat’s requirements:
cat trees with or without cat house ceiling height or wall mounted Suspended cat trees – so many possibilities.
We are always happy to assist you with any questions on your cat tree design.

Tip: All of our complete models are examples that you can adjust to your liking. You can exchange or add the posts and platforms of all our models – until everything is just right for your cat.

with Carpet or washable Cat Beds

  • Loungers with Carpet on a wooden plate
  • Loungers with washable Cat Beds or cushions with hook and loop points fixed

Best Seller of our Modular System

Cat tree hammock with washable cotton cover, loungers with removable cotton beds, plates with edge and steps for safe ascents and descents.

New – Hanging Cave

a hanging Cave on a Cat Tree or mounted to a Wall

unsere Neue Hängehöhle für Katzen ist vielseitig einsetzt bar – ob am Kratzbaum oder zur Wandmontage.

Look the Video with the hanging Cave – introduce from Lilly our Devon Rex girl.

Blog Beitrag mit Detail Bildern zu unserer Hängehöhle am Kratzbaum mit und ohne Aufsteckplatte

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