Sources of danger / Potential hazards

katze-beim-spielen-2Cats are like children – unsuspecting in the presence of danger. They don’t recognize potential hazards, or they underestimate them. But if you walk through your apartment with open eyes and take certain precautions, not much should go wrong. Most accidents happen as a result of falls. Balconies should be made cat-safe through the mounting of a net. For titled windows there are also netting solutions, so that the cat’s head does not get stuck. With a young animal, it’s advisable to keep the toilet lid closed and not leave the bathtub to fill up unattended. Young animals are very curious and the danger that they cannot free themselves from a hazardous situation is rather great. By simply observing a few precautions, you can eliminate the danger of drowning. To sharpen your senses here is a list of potential hazards. The individual points essentially speak for themselves:
– Plastic bags
– Pins and needles
– Cleaning supplies, medication
– Open doors of fridge, washing machine, tumble dryer, oven
– Hot stove

And here a list of poisonous houseplants:

– Sowbread
– Amaryllis
– Azalea
– Orchid
– Philodendron
– African Violets
– Christmas Cactus
– Poinsettia
– Araliaceae