Cat Training

fur-pong-katzenspielzeugCats, regardless of their breed, are very intelligent and trainable creatures. This is why cats learn very quickly what is allowed and what is not. Training a cat like a dog is not possible due the individualistic nature of this species. But it is just that aspect that cat lovers appreciate about their furry favourites. To successfully train your cat, you need two characteristics – namely patience and consistency.
Consistency means not allowing something today and not allowing it tomorrow. How is the kitten supposed to know when something is allowed and when it is not.
Patience means that, if you don’t want your cat to jump on the table, you will put it back down 10 or 20 times. You must never hit your cat or shout at it: Your cat should associate only positive things with you, it may become shy otherwise. Therefore you should, if you catch your cat scratching your furniture, attract its attention with a hissing sound or by clapping your hands, take it away from the ‘crime scene’, set it down by the cat tree, and there praise and pet it.

With very stubborn ‘sinners’ you can also use a harmless spray of water from a water gun or spray bottle to stop the kitten from what it’s doing. But remember: The kitten should not associate the unpleasant situation with you.