Cat feather teasers- naturally beautiful

Discover our new unique feather teasers, which provide a simple alternative to a cat wand and are perfect for targeted and interactive playtime with your cat.

Each feather teaser is equipped with high-quality and natural feathers that give the teaser an authentic look and awaken your cat’s hunting instinct while captivating their attention. The extremely flexible rod offers a comfortable grip ensured by wrapping it with kraft paper. This material not only provides a secure surface but also adds a rustic and natural charm to the toy. Bring variety and joy to your cat’s playtime by ordering one of our highly flexible feather teasers today. With a wide selection of teasers, a kraft paper-wrapped handle, and a natural appearance, these toys will keep your cat entertained for hours. Give your cat the opportunity to unleash their hunting skills while building a fun bond with you.

We place great importance on using high-quality materials in the manufacturing process to ensure a durable and safe toy for your cat.

The Ostrich Feathers Feather Teaser! This unique toy is equipped with two long and elegant ostrich feathers that will enchant your cat. You can gently stroke your cat’s fur with the fluffy feather wings, capturing their fascination. Your cat will be captivated by the large wings and attempt to catch the long fringes. Play tenderly and lovingly with your cat using this elegant feather teaser.

The two natural ostrich feathers are attached to an extremely flexible rod that allows for a comfortable grip. Spoil your cat with the Ostrich Feathers Feather Teaser and create unforgettable moments of joy and excitement.

Introducing the Pheasant Feather Cat Teaser! This special cat toy consists of a long pheasant feather that invites your cat to playful interaction. With the approximately 24 cm long feather, you can tickle your cat and delight them. Your cat will eagerly turn and twist, trying to catch the fascinating feather.

The pheasant feather is incorporated into a bundle of natural chicken feathers. Even if the long pheasant feather is caught and plucked during play, the teaser remains interesting for your cat. Our cat model Assol Devon Rex is excited about this toy and can’t wait to play with it.

Discover the exciting Boa Tail Feather Teaser! This unique cat toy features a soft snake made of marabou feathers tied into a boa. Every cat will wish to have this boa draped around their neck.

Playfully, you can drag the soft marabou feathers across your cat’s body, and they will immediately start chasing this cheeky bird. Alternatively, let the end of the Boa Tail dance in front of your cat’s nose – it will stimulate their hunting instinct, and they will surely try to catch this playful thing.

The fascinating Mystic Feathers Cat Teaser! This toy captivates your cat with airy swaying feathers and a glamorous touch of glitter. The thin mylar strips shimmer iridescently while three airy feather tips bob out from the feather bundle.

Your cat will be fascinated by the sparkle and swaying feathers, attempting to catch them. The feather bundle is attached to an extremely flexible rod that allows for a comfortable grip. The handle is wrapped with sturdy kraft paper.

The unique cat teaser: the Suede Tassel Cat Teaser! This one-of-a-kind toy features a durable tassel made of leather strips. The bundle, consisting of approximately 14 cm long dangling leather strips, will certainly entice your cat to play. Your cat will love catching the fringes, tugging at them, and chewing on them.

The Suede Tassel Cat Teaser withstands even wild attacks and provides long-lasting fun. With a pole length of approximately 60 cm and a tassel length of 47 cm, as well as synthetic suede leather strips approximately 13 cm long, this cat teaser is perfect for tiring out your cat.

Treat your cat to the pleasure of playing with our feather teasers and create unforgettable moments full of fun and adventure. Your cat will love going on the hunt for the swaying feathers, indulging their natural instincts. Invest in quality playtime with your cat and enjoy the hours of joy and happiness together.

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