Cool tips for hot days

5 Cool Tips for Hot Days – How You Can Support Your Feline Friend During Summer!

Not only do we struggle with extreme heat, but our furry feline friends do too. Even though they have a significantly higher comfort temperature than us humans, we should support them during the summer and provide a bit of cooling.

After all, they can’t just take a trip to the sea or a lake like we can…

Offering Water
Our feline friends are known as desert dwellers, and while they may not be big drinkers, water is essential for their well-being.

That’s why, especially on hot summer days, we should provide multiple water sources in different locations. Try using various bowls; some cats prefer higher vessels like window sills for drinking.

A water fountain is also a favorite among many cats – the flowing water might encourage them to drink a bit more.

Our kitty girls certainly love their water fountain!

More Fresh Food
Wet food can quickly become unappetizing and spoil more easily in high temperatures. Your furry friend shouldn’t consume it if it’s gone bad, so offering small portions of fresh food on hot days is crucial.

Even if you’re working, you can feed your cat small portions at specific times. For example, feed the 1st portion right after waking up, the 2nd when you leave the house, the 3rd when you return home, and once more before bedtime.

Especially in the summer, consider adding some water to the food to ensure your feline friend stays hydrated.

Offering 4-6 smaller portions throughout the day is ideal, not just during summer.

An alternative is an automated feeder with cooling elements that releases wet food at scheduled times.

Cooling Mats
Various manufacturers offer cooling mats filled with gel that provide cooling when your cat lies on them. However, the challenge is getting the cat to actually lie on it 😹… Here’s at least a partial success story from our Clärchen:

You can also place ice packs under a towel, but be careful not to make it too cold, as your cat might get a bladder infection.

Assisting with Grooming
Long-haired cats can especially suffer during high temperatures. You can consider giving them a summer haircut or, at the very least, regularly brush them to remove excess fur. Even if it’s not shedding season, our girls always have a surprising amount of fur to remove, and they enjoy the brushing sessions.

Slightly moisten your hands with cool water and run them through your cat’s fur if she likes it. This might encourage her to groom herself, providing her own cooling. However, avoid rubbing your cat with wet towels or similar, as she could catch a cold.

Cool Spots
Air out your home in the morning and evening, but be cautious:

To keep your cat safe, avoid leaving windows ajar and secure open doors to prevent them from slamming shut while your cat might be in between!

Lowered blinds, access to rooms like the basement or tiled areas, can also provide support. Hanging damp towels in the room, for example, over a laundry rack, can offer further cooling.

If you have a secure balcony, terrace, or garden, you can surely find or create a cool spot there.

However, be mindful of rain barrels or pools. Water can be enticing, but we don’t want to think about the consequences right now…

I hope these tips help your feline friend stay comfortable during the hot days – wishing you a wonderful summer!

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As a behavioral consultant for cats, I help empathetic cat owners understand and resolve their feline friends’ problem behaviors. Together, we embark on the exciting journey of truly comprehending our cats and then enabling them to live a happy and fulfilled feline life.

Understanding one another and being aware of the needs of our enchanting feline friends is the foundation for a relaxed shared daily life for me.

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