Free-standing scratching trees

New to our range of scratching posts – free-standing stylish scratching trees featuring one main post and a large floor plate.
Whether you opt for a complete set or a individual scratching tree: Profeline has everything you need.
All Profeline scratching trees can be individually altered to suit your needs – because you know best if your cat would prefer a hammock, a lounger, or a flat level with a cotton cat bed to lie on.
The extra-heavy floor plate (8kg) made from birch plywood enables you to put together elegant free-standing scratching trees up to a height of 150 cm.
Be inspired by our complete sets, and then use our the building blocks of our scratching tree system to put together the perfect tree for your cat – with the perfect height and the perfect areas to lie on.kratzbaum_boris_liegeebenen

Let’s take our Boris scratching tree as an example.
In the picture it’s kitted out with 2 LR2 spaces to lie on with washable climbing beds – switch one LR2 lying space for an LM1 moulded couch, or an LE3 hammock. Our building-block system for cat trees makes it a breeze!

Every cat tree listed in our online shop gives details of the components that are currently attached to the sisal post.

The Boris scratching tree consists of the following components:

1xGP1, ground plate

2xLR2, round lying space with rim /instead of 2xLR2, pick 1xLR2 and 1xLM1 for the moulded couch or 1xLE3 for the hammock
(you can find all our components in our cat shop under scratching tree components)
1xSP3, toy holder including toy rope
1xS75, sisal post (75 cm tall)
1xS35, sisal post (35 cm tall)
1xS25, sisal post (25 cm tall)
1x feline mouse
Includes assembly set and instructions

Are you new to keeping cats? Or are you simply not quite sure what your cat would like? Then be sure you make the right decision by picking one of our complete sets.

Our scratching tree sets are put together based on the popularity of the components and our years of experience dealing with cats. The scratching tree you pick will always be functional, secure and perfect for your cat – and Profeline assures you that you will be able to change or add lying spaces and sisal posts whenever you want, and for years to come.

Here is a selection of our complete sets:
From left to right, starting with scratching tree set JasminJoyElisaElla
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