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Cosy and Dozy Cat Shelves

Cosy & Dozy’s CatShelf Chill and CatShelf Chill Deluxe are new to our range, and are perfect for your cat’s climbing wall (or CatWall). The CatShelf Chill is everything you could want in terms of elegant design and cat-friendly shape – your cats will love this shelf! Its curved shape resembles a hollow that your […]

Felted cat caves

Hand-felted cat caves by Kivikis, made from 100% natural sheep’s wool. The cat caves are handmade in Lithuania from pure new New Zealand wool, and boast stunning design and quality. Sheep’s wool can regulate humidity and atmosphere, which is why cats love these felted caves so much. The felted wool cave offers optimum comfort – […]

Climbing wall for cats

A climbing wall gives your cat a three-dimensional cat world: climbing, scratching, discovering, observing and resting. A large home is not a guarantee that your cat will be happy and feel comfortable. Using the “third dimension” of your walls can give your cat a range of options for climbing, scratching and moving – so it […]

Cat toy tips 2

Cat toys for independent play: Catnip and valerian toys – for your cat to fight with and cuddle Catnip is a member of the labiate family. The name “catnip” comes from the fact that cats, in particular, are attracted to the smell of the plant. Around 50% of cats are attracted to the smell of […]

Cat Toy Tips 1

Every household with a cat should also be home to a cat toy –  no matter if you live with an outdoor or an indoor cat. Cat toys give your cat variety and entertainment – playing keeps them physically fit and their minds sharp. Cat toys can generally be divided into two groups: games you play […]

Free-standing scratching trees

New to our range of scratching posts – free-standing stylish scratching trees featuring one main post and a large floor plate. Whether you opt for a complete set or a individual scratching tree: Profeline has everything you need. All Profeline scratching trees can be individually altered to suit your needs – because you know best […]

Which cat is right for me? Part 2

Eine oder zwei Katzen? The question of whether you want to share your flat with one cat or two isn’t dependent on how big your flat is – because if there’s space for one cat, there’s space for two. Instead, you should think about that cat’s well-being. Cats sleep or doze for a good two-thirds […]

Which cat is right for me? Part 1

You’ve decided to welcome a cat into your life – but it’s not always that easy. There are lots of questions for people who are new to owning cats. Should it be a young cat or an old cat? Do I want a male or a female cat? Eine oder zwei Katzen – was ist […]