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Understanding cats better – vocal language

Part 1 – The Vocal Language of Cats Throughout a human-cat relationship, both parties learn to adapt to each other and generally understand each other quite well. However, misunderstandings can still arise on both sides. Cats communicate with us using a range of signals, from quite distinct to very subtle and almost imperceptible. One significant […]

Matatabi – Silvervine for Cats

Matatabi Fruit – Catnip – Silvervine Makes Cats Happy! We are often familiar with enriching the lives of our cats with fragrances, as seen with catnip. Thanks to its relaxing and euphoric properties, Matatabi and catnip enhance the lives of our feline friends. About Matatabi or Silvervine Matatabi is a climbing plant that can grow […]

Avoid mistakes when starting a new cat relationship

3 Mistakes to Avoid When Starting a New Cat Relationship A happy and relaxed multi-cat household, that’s what we wish for our furry friends and, of course, for ourselves. However, it’s not a given that the cats we choose will automatically get along and coexist. We humans often forget that cats don’t necessarily get along […]

Cat feather teasers- naturally beautiful

Discover our new unique feather teasers, which provide a simple alternative to a cat wand and are perfect for targeted and interactive playtime with your cat. Each feather teaser is equipped with high-quality and natural feathers that give the teaser an authentic look and awaken your cat’s hunting instinct while captivating their attention. The extremely […]

20 years Profeline Cat Trees, Cat Beds and Cat Toys

With great joy, we celebrate the 20th anniversary of our cat shop in 2023. For two decades, we have been offering high-quality products for cat lovers. In our workshop, we manufacture modular scratching trees tailored to the needs of cats. Each component of our scratching trees is interchangeable, allowing owners to customize and modify them […]

Washable and Refillable Cat Toys

Today, we would like to introduce our new washable cat toys for your beloved cat! These toys are characterized by the following features – they are washable and refillable – which your cat will love. One main feature of our toys is the convenient pouch that can be filled with catnip, valerian, or matatabi fruits. […]

Cosy and Dozy Cat Shelves

Cosy & Dozy’s CatShelf Chill and CatShelf Chill Deluxe are new to our range, and are perfect for your cat’s climbing wall (or CatWall). The CatShelf Chill is everything you could want in terms of elegant design and cat-friendly shape – your cats will love this shelf! Its curved shape resembles a hollow that your […]

Felted cat caves

Hand-felted cat caves by Kivikis, made from 100% natural sheep’s wool. The cat caves are handmade in Lithuania from pure new New Zealand wool, and boast stunning design and quality. Sheep’s wool can regulate humidity and atmosphere, which is why cats love these felted caves so much. The felted wool cave offers optimum comfort – […]