Which cat is right for me? Part 2

Eine oder zwei Katzen?

katzenbaby-rosaThe question of whether you want to share your flat with one cat or two isn’t dependent on how big your flat is – because if there’s space for one cat, there’s space for two. Instead, you should think about that cat’s well-being. Cats sleep or doze for a good two-thirds of the day; they tend to adapt their waking time to their human flatmates. That means that cats know just when men or women get up, and when the “tin opener” gets back from work, and if someone’s there to bring the flat to life. What I want to say is: cats should not be left alone for more than 8-10 hours – the shorter, the better.

Putting out food in the morning and going to work, coming home in the evening to refill the food bowl and going away again – sooner or later, your cat will become isolated and suffer from anxiety and behavioural issues. So, if you’re often out all day and, despite this, want a cat without having a bad conscience too, you’re better off getting two cats.


At this point, you might like to know that cats tend to live longer if they live with another cat of the same type. This is because two cats can play together more, move about more, and therefore have a happier, healthier life. The sooner the second cat comes into the house, the better. In an ideal situation, buy two cats at once, or buy a “second cat” before the “first cat” reaches the age of two. An older cat can find the sudden arrival of another animal disruptive and react accordingly. In short, as your cats get older, the less likely it is that they will get on well.

Whether you decide for two male cats, two female cats, or a mixture is really a question of personal taste. There are no major differences in the behaviours of both genders – both are affectionate, playful and intelligent.