Vaccinations and deworming

katze-entwurmungThe annual visit to the vet is mandatory in order to protect a cat from health risks. That’s where all essential vaccinations are repeated and where you can get a paste or tablet for deworming. Even if the cat is only kept indoors, it should be dewormed at least once a year.

Cat plague: Infection occurs directly from animal to animal or through virus carriers in the environment. There is rarely a cure. A vaccination offers almost 100% protection.

Feline influenza: Infection occurs directly from animal to animal or indirectly through calicivirus or herpes virus. Incurable damage may be the result. A vaccination provides good protection.

Leucosis: cat leukemia: The cat is infected by excretions of an animal suffering from leucosis. There is no known cure. Almost 100% protection through vaccination.

Rabies: Transmitted through saliva from animal to animal. A must for free-roamers / outdoor cats. The disease is fatal. A vaccination provides close to 100% protection.

FIP: Feline infectious peritonitis, caused by coronavirus. Infection occurs directly from virus carrier. Fatal outcome. A vaccination offers about 70% protection.

Chlamydia: Is caused by bacteria excretors, mostly birds. Leads to severe eye infection, which is very treatable with antibiotics.

katzen-impfungA kitten should be prophylactically dewormed and vaccinated against cat plague and feline influenza at 12 weeks.
If you keep your cat only indoors, these vaccinations should be sufficient. Many vets recommend, nonetheless, to vaccinate against leucosis, since this illness, in case the cat does end up catching it, is often fatal.
A rabies vaccination is strongly recommended, if the animal goes outdoors, or can end up there by accident. If you want to travel with your cat, rabies vaccination is mandatory. With FIP it is similar – if the cat may come into close contact with other cats that are outdoors, a vaccination is recommended. A vaccination against chlamydia is only necessary if birds such as budgies or parrots live in the house. In this case it is advisable to vaccinate the kitten as soon as possible.