Amazing Feathers as an interchangeable refill

the hunt of the attractive attachments inspires every cat. Our range of interchangeable attachments are suitable for all cat wands with a clip. Simply choose another attachment and play away – be sure your cat will be bewitched.
– To see all our attachments please ask for our wholesale price list.

Pepita Refill / Attachment

2 guinea fowl feathers in black and white. This natural feather bundles are an experience for your cat. Item SP192PE

Turkey Feather Refill / Attachment

A bundel of natural feather with 3 large turkey feathers. Item SP190TF

Papillon Pepita Refill / Attachment

The giant butterfly “Papillon” with 4 large feathers that are mounted as wings on a narrow body. Item SP190PP

Ostrich Refill / Attachment

A feather boa from natural, fluffy ostrich feathers interwoven with black and white ostrich fringes. Item SP192OR

Tiger Refill / Attachment

A bundel of natural feather – consisting of brown stripes, glittering fringes of peacock and iridescent golden raffia. Item SP192TR

Exotic Butterfly Refill

Consists of 8 different natural feathers, which are attached as wings to a chenille body.
Item SP195BF

Big FlutterMoth Refill

An extra large moth with fluttering wings on a thick body.
Item SP195FM

Papillon Peacock Refill

Giant Bitterfly “Papillon” with 4 peacock eyes as wings.
Item SP195PC

Pheasant Longtail Refill

One extra long pheasant feather with smal ones at the end.
Item SP194PL