Felted cat caves

Hand-felted cat caves by Kivikis, made from 100% natural sheep’s wool.
The cat caves are handmade in Lithuania from pure new New Zealand wool, and boast stunning design and quality.

Sheep’s wool can regulate humidity and atmosphere, which is why cats love these felted caves so much. The felted wool cave offers optimum comfort – warm in winter, cool in summer. It is soft and snuggly so your cat feels especially comfy inside the cave.
Other positive features? It naturally regulates temperature, is breathable no matter what the time of year, kind to skin and fur, and does not generate static electricity.
Thanks to its elegant shape and modern felted design, the cat cave is an eye-catching addition to your home – bringing with it great design and quality.


Your cat can hide away inside the cave, but if he or she wants a change, the cave can squash down to form an open cat bed – which is sure to go down a treat. The cat cave is available in 6 trendy colours – a selection can be seen above. From left to right: Burgundy, Sky Blue, and Sand Brown. The inner colour for these is always a light natural tone.

wollfilz_hoehle_kivikisColour: Snow grey – dark grey inner

katzenhoehle_filz_kiwi_groesseAt a glance:
Size: L 43/46 cm, W 36/40 cm, H 27/30 cm
100% handmade
100% wool
Wet-felted in Europe/Lithuania
Care instructions: Gentle hand wash in warm water. Reshape while damp, and leave to air dry on a hand towel.

If necessary, the entrance to the cat cave can be made slightly bigger. Simply take a pair of scissors and cut away some of the fabric parallel to the opening – and if you want to see how these beautiful cat caves are made by hand, have a look at this YouTube video by the manufacturer, Kivikis:

What does wet-felted mean? Wet-felting only uses soap and water. The warm, soapy water makes the wool swell up, and the outer layer of the wool gets bigger. The wool is pulled through the soapy water by hand, then pressed and shaped. The movements within the warm water make the individual wool cuticles and threads join together closely, creating a strong piece of felt.

Our cat models for these photos enjoyed their photo shoot – as you can hopefully see from the pictures. They particularly loved slipping into the cosy cave and hiding deep inside.
wollfilz_hoehle_grauOf course, you can order these wonderful cat caves direct from our cat shop:
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