Jackson Galaxy and Kate Benjamin – cat toys and cat books

Jackson Galaxy has been treating cat problems and researching cat behaviour for over 20 years. Born and raised in New York (USA), Jackson has been a host on the famous US TV show “My Cat from Hell” for years.

In the TV series, the cat whisperer visits cat owners who are desperate for advice and often very confused. With his guitar case full of cat toys, he first gets to know the cat well so he can understand the causes behind the animal’s behaviour. Jackson Galaxy helps cats and cat lovers solve problems and resolve conflicts – because often the unlikeliest things can cause mental health issues.

jackson_galaxy_katzenspielsachenYou can find Jackson Galaxy’s cat toy here:

Jackson has written the autobiographical book Cat Daddy so far only available in English, sadly.

Catification and Catify to Satisfy have also been published in collaboration with our friend Kate Benjamin – both also only available in English for the moment – but the pictures in them can give you so many new ideas and so much inspiration for a cat-friendly home that it’s worth buying them anyway.
We got to know Kate at the Global Pet Expo in March 2016 in Orlando, USA – our best wishes to you and your 11 cats in Phoenix!jackson_galaxy_kate_benjamin_cat_toys
Kate is definitely the most well-known US blogger on all things cats and design – she lives and works in Phoenix, Arizona. Her blog, hauspanther, has a global following.  Since 2007, Kate has been using her sense of style and knowledge of cats to present products that meet her high standards for cat-friendly style and design – no matter whether cat toy, litter tray, cat furniture, Kate looks around the globe, online, to find inspiring products that cats and humans love – and, with no small amount of pride, here’s the link to Kate’s blog on Profeline scratching trees and cat furniture.


Kate also has her own range of high-quality cat toys, lovingly handmade.
Our Cat Shop stocks a selection of Kate Benjamin’s cat toys.

– Since 2015, Jackson Galaxy has also been broadcast on the Animal Planet channel.The documentary series follows Jackson Galaxy at work. Thanks to his years of experience and finely honed training and therapy programme, the “cat whisperer” can help cats and stressed-out cat owners.